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Tips for Saving Money on Your Electric Bill


Having a high efficiency air conditioning system is where it starts.  As of January of 2006, the minimum efficiency standard is 13-seer.  That's up from 10-seer where it has been since around 1991.  The efficiency rating is a number akin to the gas mileage of your car - the higher the number, the better.  The range (as of Jan. 2005) is from 13 to 19-seer.  You may be surprised to learn how expensive a 19-seer system is but at the rate utility bills are increasing, a 19-seer system will pay for itself in a few years.  


The other consideration for saving money on utility bills is to attempt to contain the heat in your home (or prevent heat from entering), and to look for ways to cut consumption.  Here are some very good ideas:

Here are some links for more money saving ideas.