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Why We Need High Efficiency Air Conditioners

My AC is awesome. It has two compressors. One takes care of my house on a hot day. The other one is half the size of the big one. It takes care of my house the rest of the cooling season, which is about 80% of its total run time.

Considering, when you increase the horsepower of an electric motor, you increase the electric consumption exponentially, it makes good sense to get a small AC. The problem is a small one is not comfortable when the temperature is above 90 degrees.

The Trane XL19i is the best of both worlds. It cools your house on a warm day and a hot day. See it at Trane.
Here's a chart that explains your savings.

Let's talk about a third world. No, I'm not talking about a small developing country, I'm talking about your electric bill. Here in North Texas, we get our electricity from gas. The electric generator plants use gas to power their steam turbines. That means when the price of gas goes up - electric goes up.

Check this article from the Star Telegram on March 11, 2008, and you can get an idea of the spiraling costs of natural gas.
Gas prices has skyrocketed by 28% in the past two years. Holy Cow, FROM $7.84 TO $10.02 (per therm).

Here's my AC that I installed in January of 2003.  It is one of Trane's older models (XL1800), but inside it is much the same as the XL19i.

Getting an air conditioner to fit your needs for today (2008) is not going to fit your needs when the electric rates double (in about 5 years).

I strongly urge you to consider biting the bullet and getting the Trane XL19i Heat Pump System.  It may cost more going in, but in the long run it's less expensive.

Robert Worcester

PS. Did I mention Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaning System is the best air filtration system in the world? 
     It is much better than Ionic Breeze, or any other HEPA filter on the market.

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