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Before we go to the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau, we would like you to know beforehand that we had complaints in the past.  We have found that although we adhere to a high level of business ethics, and no matter how much you bend over backwards, there are times when you find you just cannot please all of the people all of the time.  

As a result of the BBB not reporting details to allow the public to see how ludicrous some of theses complaints can be, we have decided to make public the complaints on us.  Why would we do this?  The answer is simple:  We are dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We guarantee our work and if your AC system quits, we will come back at no charge to you, and fix the problem as long as the system quits while it is still in the warranty period.  

As of May of 2008, we had three complaints, one within the past three years and one within the past 12 months.  Let's analyze these in detail.

In October of 2007, we had a customer explain he was going to "flip" an investment property and needed the absolute cheapest air conditioner we had even if it meant a used one.  I explained we only keep used ACs for people that cannot afford a new one and can't get financing, but since the summer was finished, I had one left over.  He was told that a "used" air conditioner was something that was discarded by someone else and was only worth $50 at the scrap yard, so we could sell it for $50.  He was also told the warranty would be only 30 days and if something bad happened we might not be able to find another used one, therefore the $50 would be refunded.  We was also made aware that the labor and materials charge ($500) would not be refunded if the unit failed - only the $50.  He seemed to understand.

Three months later, he called to say the AC was not working.  He was told the warranty had expired.  He said if we did not fix it for free, he would sue me for the charges.  He was invited to try.

He then called an unlicensed (bootleg, shade tree) person out to make the repairs and wanted us to reimburse him for the charges.
We declined to do that.

You can read his complaint here.  You can Click Here to see the invoice of the unlicensed contractor that followed up.  

Here is our Rebuttle.

It is our company policy that if there is a warranty issue, we will go back at no extra charge and make the necessary repairs to make the system work as it was intended from the factory.  There is always a time limit on a warranty.  This one was 30 calendar days.

In June of 2007 Mr. Dan Nguyen complained that we replaced a "non broken" part on his air conditioner, and he further says that the defective part was not tested, and this it was already tested by two other service men.  Also, he claims the price is too high.  What a minute.  Should it matter what the price is, if the repair was not warranted?  Click here to see his complaint.

Our response was to explain there was physical damage to his part and the price was in fact quoted.  He had the choice to pay for the repair or not.  
We believed he had buyer's remorse and fabricated a yarn about the part not being defective in order to justify asking for a refund.

The BBB responded by informing us that he disagreed with our position, and to give us an opportunity to change our minds, sent us his explanation why.

In his rebuttal, he said that it was two weeks ago, when two other servicemen diagnosed the system as being out of Freon and still running good;  the unit has a shutoff valve (which they bypassed) to prevent running when low or with no Freon; and we did not perform a test on the defective part.  

Why not tell this story in the first place?  Actually, he had no "low pressure switch," but you don't need to bypass it to check the Freon.  It is the function of the low pressure switch that prevents the AC from running without Freon, but it's our gauges that tell us when there's no, or a low Freon charge.  The defective part in question had physical evidence of malfunction.  The capacitor was bulging on the top, which disconnected the internal electrical connections.  When a properly trained serviceman sees this kind of thing, testing is not required.  The part was replaced and the subsequent proper operation of the AC was proof the repair was needed. 

In 2006 we received a complaint about our advertised price.  Out of the hundreds of service calls that we run each year, we finally found someone that did not understand the English in our ad.  We have since changed the verbiage in our ads to address certain language barriers.  (Update:  Since 2006 we have seen dozens of other  contractors use the same verbiage as what was complained about, and since everyone else says it from time to time, we do too.  The issue was advertising a low service call price (or free service call) "with repairs."  That is supposed to mean that we reduce the price when we make the repairs.  Still, some people don't get it - they want the free service call without letting the contractor make the repairs.)

Bottom line is we handle complaints in such a manner as to be fair. 
We strive to be fair with not only the customer, but ourselves as well.