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Good Service is No Accident

Operating a dependable service business requires organization, competent management and a substantial capital investment.

When your service charge is more than you expected, rememberÖ

You only see the service technician who comes to your home.

Some things you donít see:

1.     His knowledge and skill.  Technical school, years of experience, ongoing training programs.

2.      Sizeable investment is state-of-the-art computerized shop and warehouse facilities, trucks, equipment, tools, and replacement parts.

3.      The necessary people to train, schedule, route and supply him Ė telephone operators, dispatchers-training specialists, warehouse-men, parts personnel, clerks, and administrators.

4.      Quality Control.  We strive to maintain the highest quality standards and 100% customer satisfaction. We offer lifetime warranty on our installations.

5.      Integrity:  We perform criminal background checks of all applicants considered for employment.

6.      Drug Free:  We perform random drug tests to ensure your safety.

     Donít Judge Service Charges Solely by the Time the Technician Spends in Your Home.

When our professional service technician arrives at your door, many costs have already been incurred just to get him and our truck there, ready and able to complete the job.

Without years of training, it would not be possible for a doctor to make a diagnosis and prescribe a remedy. Consider for a moment that it isnít just his initial training, but an ongoing variety of continuing study, and the expense of maintaining an adequately equipped staff and office.

As a patient, you pay for his knowledge and skill pus a share of his business costs (overhead).  Even if he spends only a few minutes, his fee could range from $50 to $150 depending upon his degree of expertise.

This analogy holds true in any service business.  The charge for providing service in your home cannot be determined solely by the time it takes the technicians to make the repairs. 

A qualified service organizationís costs begin with the salary of the professional technician.   Their amount is the same whether the technician is actually making repairs on customer premises, traveling to keep service appointments or participating in training programs to sharpen his skills.

The cost of doing business (overhead) must also be added to the technicianís salary.  These overhead cost can amount to substantially more than the technicianís salary.

Now comes profit.  A 10% net profit on the selling price, although seldom realized, would be ideal.  Accordingly, if your service charge is $200 and we are efficient enough to earn 10% of the $200, we earn 20 taxable dollars. We are sure youíll agree that is not excessive for providing top quality services on your promises.  All things considered, the cost of a service organization for itís service technicianís time on the job is the same whether he works with tools or not.  A service call that results only in a diagnosis for resolving the problem warrants a diagnostic charge.


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