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The biggest challenge a small business faces is pricing it's service.  There has to be a relationship between the cost of doing business and the price charged to the consumer or the business will fail.  In order to attract highly qualified personnel, we offer good wages, which is a cost of doing business.  Our prices are not the cheapest and certainly not the highest.  Price-wise we probably fall in the middle.  What we offer is VALUE in our service with qualified techs at reasonable prices.

Flat rate prices ensure repair prices are consistent and competitively priced.  Our prices for repairs are quoted up front to eliminate the worry of a surprisingly high repair bill.

Flat Rate Pricing

Service Membership Specials

  1. $15 per month pays for two trips per year, AC Tune Up in April and your Heater Safety Check in October, also you get 25% off subsequent service and repairs.
    Service guaranteed within 24 hours.
  2. $25 per month pays for the above plus changing your filters six times per year.
  3. $35 per month pays for free repairs all year long, and we come out and service your system in April & October.  Also, any unused dues can be applied toward a new system. 
    Service guaranteed same day.
  4. $50 per month pays for free repairs all year long, and we come out SIX times per year to change your filter.  We service your system April & October and change filters every other month.  Also, any unused dues are like rollover minutes on your phone and can be applied toward a new system someday. 
    Service guaranteed same day.

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